If you want to build a website to be seen on the internet you will need three things, first a domain name for your website, a website developer and a host. You may have to choose several domain names before you come up with one that has not already been used as there are millions of websites on the worldwide today. Even though your first choice may already be taken, it is worth thinking hard for another as having a good and appropriate domain name can make a difference to how many visitors you site receives. There are many website developers available today and all of them have different prices. The top two developers are probably WordPress and Godaddy but most of them will help you to build a website without having to learn computer coding.

They often differ not only in price but also in how many different features they have but most will at least allow you to make a good home page whilst the better ones will also allow you to make additional, unique pages such as a contact page, a page for images and a site map for your home page. Lastly you will need a host and this is a server which will connect your website to the internet. There are several of these and although some are free, most people believe that the ones you pay for are best but they do not cost very much especially if you find one that has a promotion available. Instead of going to three different websites to find these things, many people opt to try Godaddy as they can offer all three of the things you need.

Even with the best domain name and the best developer, although you may get plenty of visitors coming to your site, if it isn’t well designed and thought out, few of those visitors will consider returning to give the site a second look and may not even stay long enough on their initial visit to see what it is you are offering. A good developer will be able to offer you a variety of themes to use on your website but just how that theme is used and the colours you choose can make a difference as to whether or not visitors like the site. Also you must have an easy to navigate site map on your home page as otherwise people may leave the site before they even find what it was they were looking for.

As well as having an good looking, easy to navigate website, you will want that website to be interesting and so perhaps have a variety of media on it, text, images and videos but in order to keep the website interesting, you will have to update those things on a regular basis. If you pay for one of the more expensive hosting options, the site may apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your website which should mean it will receive more visitors.